I wasn't really sure how to title my thread but I've got a question.
As I understand it, if I put an "affiliate link" on my site that goes to company XYZ-widgets and I'm an affiliate for them, they agree to give a percentage of the sale or something if the person buys within 30 days (or a fixed period of time).
But in order to get credit, isn't a cookie necessary to keep track that the person came from my site?
Perhaps if the person ordered during that session, you wouldn't need a cookie, but for any company that promises a commission with a certain time frame, I would think a cookie would be needed.
But aren't a lot of users blocking cookies now (I am). I allow session cookies, but not long term cookies, except for certain sites.
So what happens with an affiliate link if the users has cookies blocked? Does one not get credit then?
And, what percent of internet users today are blocking (or disabling) cookies?