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Thread: Please review Logo

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    Please review Logo


    please review our logo for a start up software company

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    I like your Logo very much. Good color combination, unique fonts & good design.

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    I like your logo, a lot!!

    I like the logo, the font and the name, great!

    I would say, in case this logo isn't setup (mentally) this way, that you look at your colours and specifically the gradients. I think you'd feel even better with some flat coloured designs. Maybe, but the professional graphic designers should be in town soon and be able to give you a better perspective from an artists point of view which is obviously what you're here looking for

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    I also like the logo. I like the simplicity of the design of its font as well as the combination of its color. Good work!
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    Like the logo, its good. So what does your, logo represents?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajg238 View Post

    please review our logo for a start up software company

    I'm not sure what the second word is... is that a "Q" on the end of it, and is it LINQ, or is is a G? You might want to pick a different font. And I think the grey color is a little hard to read. I'm just trying to be honest and think that could be improved. The graphic element is nice.

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    I like your logo it in general.
    But when it comes to typography I tend to be strict

    No gradients! And give the grey a darker hue, it's missing contrast (as StanDaMan already pointed out)

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    I would make the 2 triangles a wee bit smaller. When you look at the logo, your attention is immediately drawn to the triangles at the expense of the name itself.

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    It's a nice logo but the gradient is not nice and may be problematic should you later need to print letterheads and such which demand more of a vector, clean feel to them.

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    Nice logo ajg238! The relevance of it to the business is also good. However, you really have to work more on the basic combinations of element like the optical density or contrast, etc. Though the overall appeal of it is okay, working it to perfection is our goal here.

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