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Thread: Please review my site

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    Please review my site

    Hi this is my site www[dot]classiccarsaz[dot]com. please review my site and suggest me if there is need to change anything in this site.

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    Marketplace sites like this have a tough time getting over the network chicken-and-egg problem.

    To attract buyers, you need sellers; to attract sellers, you need buyers. "If you build it, they will come" isn't necessarily enough.

    If you're an expert in the subject matter, you might be able to attract people who fall into either the "buyer" or "seller" group with interesting content/blogs/etc. For example, you could profile the epitomy of the classic car, or maybe run a profile of the most reputable brick & mortar dealer. Maybe you could promote a conference or something similar. The point is, I think the site likely needs an additional "hook" before you'll start to see the type of traffic you need to start the buyer & seller virtuous cycle.
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