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Thread: Please share your thoughts. photomouse

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    Please share your thoughts. photomouse

    Hello all,

    I have just had my site built and would like to know your thoughts on it? Please bear in mind the site is not 100% finished, but nearly.

    I am selling photo's on canvas, people can upload their own image and edit it direct on the site. They can crop their image, change the colour, rotate it and add a gallery effect to it. Any thoughts on the upload tool would be helpful.

    I am starting an ad campaign the end of next week and want to know if I have got it right, and what might need to be changed. The campaign is not cheap and just want to get it as good as I can.

    Can anyone share there thoughts on what they think?

    What do you think of the offer?
    What do you think of the layout?
    What do you think prices?
    What do you think of the feel of the site? Etc etc

    Many thanks

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    Overall I think the site is great.

    I particularly like:

    -The purpose of the site is clear, front, and center. I know immediately what the site does
    -The "call to action" buttons are also front and center -- the Start Design option, and the "Join Mailing List" option
    -The 24hour delivery is certainly appealing
    -Clear process for submitting images, choosing sizes, etc.

    Biggest issue I have personally is the color scheme -- I find the pink jarring. Granted, I may be outside the target market so take this with a grain of salt. But having said that, I haven't seen too many professional websites out there featuring bright pink this prominently.
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    My Reviews :

    1) I liked the way the message of what your site is all about flashes on the Home page..

    2) The Facebook Like should have faces which adds more to the already have 23 likes so its a good thing to have the Facebook Like Face it shows the Faces of people who have liked your page.

    3) The content is too congested try a little spacing in the lines and also in the Text .
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    I like the idea of the site. I would suggest that instead of saying ""join up" at the top right of the page, to say "join us," as that is what the rest of your site says when referring to registering for an account.

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    Thanks for the advice people. Any advice is welcome and i will take it onboard.

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    I like the site but wasn't sure what the "choose us" link menu was immediatly but soon realised it was an ABOUT US page.
    Well done so far though!

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    It actually looks like a really cute site, love the images (a cute puppy always makes me feel good!). I don't know about the prices.. I'm not a big expert

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    Thanks for having a look and sharing your thoughts. We have changed the design a bit of the homepage and added more emotional images, so any thoughts on that would be great?

    Any thoughts on how to increase our conversion rate would be good? I don't know if it's the way the site flows, the prices (which are competitive), the product page or the upload tool.

    We've had a Google ad campaign running for the last 6 weeks with no joy!

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