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Thread: How to compleletely uninstall Malwarebytes?

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    How to compleletely uninstall Malwarebytes?

    These so-called security programs are real beasts to uninstall.
    They won't leave with Windows uninstall.
    I tried CCleaner uninstall with Malwarebytes but it still hangs out with Windows Explorer Right-Click-Mouse.

    Any hints how to kill this annoyance?
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    JV16 Powertools from Macecraft. Get it from them for a small price, and take care what you do. It is powerful enough to mess up your machine in a real hurry, so focus only on the MWB uninstall, and nothing else.

    However, I don't know if the OP is aware that this is an SEO forum, and probably not the best place to find an answer that is readily available with a simple search:

    Malwarebytes uninstall

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    Quote Originally Posted by weegillis View Post
    It is powerful enough to mess up your machine in a real hurry, so focus only on the MWB uninstall, and nothing else.
    Didn't mean to provide continuance to this thread, but I can't stress enough how easily these programs, even the good ones, can affect the operation of the machine, especially when messing with one's registry. It's been a while, but in the past when I was in a similar situation, I took the "least aggressive" path when cleaning my machine up. These programs can make a machine go wonky (at the very least) or unusable in some cases, by agressive, non-selective "fixes".

    Having said that, if the machine is acting wonky in the first place and needs assistance/cleansing of the nasty, there isn't much choice. I shudder at the thought of that screen presented after a scan that requires direction or action on the part of the user. I know it's "after the fact" but due diligence and a little paranoia can keep your machine from getting messed with malware or viruses.
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    I'd like to get in a question before this thread gets closed.
    I've used malwarebytes for years, and recommend it to others. The reason I first used it is is got a virus that my anti-virus didn't. I run it manually, if that matters.
    Anyway, why would you want to uninstall it and get rid of it? What problem does it cause?

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