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Thread: Software inventory tool?

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    Software inventory tool?

    I need a Windows tool that with a boot-up scans the software installed in PC and sends the report to a management PC or a server.
    The report should contain OS version, software installations and their versions and of course the name of PC.
    The data sent and stored should be human-readable like XML, csv or text but not binary.
    The management station should have a GUI-based tool to analyze the findings.
    And if there is a freeware or open-source tool, then all the better.


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    Look Lansweeper - I use premium account now. I like it, but i think to buy enterprise version.
    The problem with high price.

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    Lansweeper is an automated network discovery and asset management tool which scans all your computers and devices and displays them in an easy accessible web interface.
    There is no need to install any agents on the computers, all scanning is done by standard build-in functionality.

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