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Thread: Mining the social web.

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    Lightbulb Mining the social web.

    You may not know the full potential of your social network, but have you thought that it is possibel to mine your twitter, fb, linkedin and g+ network in a much more systematic way?

    By mining twitter, you may be able to know much more about what is happening now than automated software. I have sett up a separate subcategory about this on my BB 71da2

    Do you know the potential for graphing your network in a much more important way than you do today?

    World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee has called for a next-generation social network to allow academics and scientists to share knowledge more efficiently.

    Berners-Lee said at the Profiting from the New Web conference in London on Monday that the internet lacks an all-encompassing social network that enables such experts to collaborate on projects.

    Such a social network would allow scientists to share information more effectively to tackle the world's most pressing problems, according to Berners-Lee.

    The Giant Global Graph or the World Wide Web?

    So The Graph word has been creeping in. BradFitz talks of the Social Graph as does Alex Iskold, who discusses social graphs and network theory in general, points out that users want to own their own social graphs. He alo points out that examples of graphs are the Internet and the Web. So what's with the Graph word?

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