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Thread: Which background music of movie do you like best?

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    Cool Which background music of movie do you like best?

    Sometime, i was so touching when a background music is playing in the moving. Do you have the same situation with me?
    My favourite background music of movie is < where there was you and me >. What wonderful the voice it is! I'd like u share your favourite background music with everyone in here. r u ready?

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    The Hans Zimmer background tune from Black Hawk Down is good, bit sad though, it's on youtube if anyone wants to hear it.

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    Cool, Hans Zimmer background tune is bit sad though...sometimes i enjoy the feeling...just follow the music change my true emotion...

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    I remember a horror thriller series named X-Files. I found its background music so appealing and it had a good harmony with the theme of the series.
    Plus, the leading character of the series David Duchovny, he is such a gorgeous man.

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    Hans Zimmer provides great music for movies..

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    @Bliss Ellison: The theme song for X-Files is by Mark Snow. Here is the full version on YouTube:

    I have to go along with fans of Hans Zimmer. He has composed some truly compelling soundtracks. Another well known, and equally as ingenious composer is Mark Isham. "Crash" soundtrack is one of his best.

    As soundtracks go, there are thousands that are way up there in terms of excellence. The Academy must have a devil of a time selecting from among them every year. Some years ago Robert Redford's independent film group Sundance helped distribute the Walter Salles movie, "Motorcycle Diaries", based on the book by the same name, which recounts the journey made by a young Ernesto "Che" Guevara around South America with a friend, much of it on a motorcycle. The soundtrack was composed mainly by Gustavo Santaolalla and a decade later is still on my favorite soundtracks list. His soundtracks also include, 21 Grams, North Country, Babel, and many others. A standout composer whose work is always easy to recognize.
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    I like Linkin Park, The wanted

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