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    Hyper Links


    So it took me a long time to realize that when you insert an URL into WP, it doesn't automatically hyper link it. No comments, I wasn't using WP a lot until recently.

    So is there a plugin that will do this so I don't have to constantly manually hyper link the URL? I can understand doing that with text, but not an URL.



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    Yes there is, it's called auto hyperlink
    There are a few more actually, but AHL should be fine.

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    I figured it was that easy LOL



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    When you are typing the article/post, at the top of the edit box is an icon for inserting a link. In the new screen that opens you can paste the url in the link box or find one of your exisiting posts to link to. The upper part of the screen has the title attribute there you can fill in. Doing so would be one (of many things) to improve the SEO of your article/post. If you select one of your old posts, once you click it, the url and title attribute are filled in for you.
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