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Thread: Most Favorite Breed of dog?

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    Most Favorite Breed of dog?

    Just curious to know that which is is the most Favorite Breed of dog them people. mine has to Boxer they great dogs, Very athletic, always happy and love there family
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    I like Beagles the most.

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    Doberman Pincer


    The way I look at it is from a security point of few (aside from the fact that they're such cute and friendly dogs (I've had 7 of them)).

    If you have a Rottweiler or a Pitbull for security reasons and an intruder get's severely hurt or eaten by one of them, you're liable (In Canada and America) but with a Doberman, people (intruders) are usually just as afraid but generally won't get eaten and therefore I may only need to control myself from chasing the escaping intruder down the street with a baseball bat.

    I love'em...

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    I really like bulldogs. We had some back home. Cutest little things ever.

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    I love dogs, I just don't know the name of other breed dogs but i have my shiatsu

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    My favorite is a Samoyed Husky!

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    First to mind is the... Hot Dog, with chili, cheese and red onion and what I don't finish would go to our Pittbull or the red dog, not sure what it is other than red/orange and big. We have a miniature Collie too but she is just old and noisy, she used to be cute and noisy. I had a German Shepard in the past and really liked that dog. She was smart, easy to train, loyal, protective and very good with children.

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    I must admit I have a soft spot for the fartenhound.

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    Golden Retriever!!! They are marvelous!

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