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Thread: Cannot make an Adsense account

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    Question Cannot make an Adsense account

    Hi there!
    I found out about Adsense a few months back and I applied for it.
    I got rejected due to my age. But it said I could apply using my parents information. So I changed the field with my name to my mothers but I still get the same message. I then told my mom to make a GMail account and so she did.
    But when I was going to make an Adsense account with it, I had to enter the URL of the website I want to use. I put the URL in. But when I did, it said I had to make the account on youtube instead of there. But when I go to my Youtube page it says that it's still waiting for the approval from google. So I can't change the email to the new one because it's waiting for the form I sent in before can't be approved...

    To make it simpler, even thought I use my parents name as payee it still rejects it due to MY age.
    What can I do now?
    Do I have to make a new youtube account?
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