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Thread: Marketing and encryption.

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    I thought of the hits like

    It can be done as follows:
    1. Make a spider that crawl the web 24/7 and strip URLs to the domain. ->
    2. Automatically add a page to your site: that automatically analyses the site with e.g. a php script.
    3. Put AdSense or other ads on the page and ...

    Should we change the term: Made for AdSense to

    automatically made for AdSense by mining the SERPs or stripping URLs?

    Quote Originally Posted by deepsand View Post
    Odd thing is that such algorithmic change was purportedly to be applied only to certain types of searches where timeliness is obviously a salient factor.
    So should there be a part of search engine alogorithms that analysed constructs like in greater detail?

    Now I understand that it is impossible for a serious content writer to compete with bots and SERP mining. It is impossible to compete with article spinning. Did you read my article about article spinning on

    Only invited article writers will be accepted there unless there is another method to combat article spam via article writing software og bots and article spinning etc.

    Will that site get any authors aside from myself? I am not the best on building social realtions and my forums were finally transformed to bulletin boards, at least so long.

    The article software / platform is not yet installed.
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