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Thread: Wordpress plugin

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    Wordpress plugin

    Looking for a plugin that will do me a fix section on the template. It should look like the chat window ( that appears on the sites with live chat available ) that follows you even if you scroll down a page.
    Something like ( )

    But I don't want a live chat window ... I want to edit that window and that should work with html ( so that I can put whatever I want in that section ).

    Have any idea of something like that?
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    No idea, actually, but one can picture the inner workings easily enough. A DOM script is listening to the form controls in a CSS overlay pinned to the corner of the available viewport.

    Where one could start would be check which prototype library your theme is using, then track down a plug-in that matches the library, not just wordpress. I.E., if your theme uses jQuery, then find a plug-in that uses jQuery.

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