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Thread: Do back links to a subdomain count for a back link to The Main Domain

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    Do back links to a subdomain count for a back link to The Main Domain

    I have a blog in a sub domain that I am featuring goofy stuff on, to try an capitalize on the social aspect of back linking (planking, teebowing, sledding crows...what ever is trending at the moment) all the post are still at least loosely tied to my keywords, but the content is not in the "professional" vein of the site I am working on (which is why I put it in a subdomain and for all intents and purposes are keeping them separate.)

    I purposefully did not alias it to a completely different domain because I was hoping that I might get a bounce from the links coming back into this "social" blog. But am I spinning my wheels thinking that links back to this subdomain will count for my main domain?

    In Short will links to:


    count as links to:



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    If your talking Google's known PageRank algo then no. Backlinks only count towards the page they link to.

    For the blog to help your main domain it must also contain links to it and thus pass on some of it's own ranking.

    There may be other factors that will let a subdomain help/hinder the main domain but I'd suspect they are all dependent on that subdomain and main domain formally associating to each other via links.
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    If any backlink to subpage or subdomain will take count as backlink to main domain, then it is consider duplicate backlink counting. When duplicate backlink take count, anyone can simply take advantage to it.

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    The main thing to bear in mind is that a sub-domain and its main domain each have separate namespaces in the DNS. They might just as easily be regarded as two separate sites. So no, a backlink to a sub-domain will not be regarded as a link to the main.

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