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Thread: Windows 7 vs XP Drivers

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    Windows 7 vs XP Drivers

    My daughter-in-law has just upgraded to a Windows 7 and her Canon scanner does not have a Win7 driver rendering the scanner useless with her new computer setup (I am about to make the same transition with upgraded equipment and I see that my HP scanner is the same)
    The Win7 Professional has an XP folder built in for older software - does anyone know if it will accept old XP drivers and will allow for her Canon scanner to work? Conversely, is there a way to "force" a resolution through Win7?

    Thanks for the guidance
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    if your windows 7 is the 32bit version the windows xp (32bit) drivers should work.
    in any case, windows 7 knows how to find drivers own it's own (the let me search online option), so start with that.

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    She has a 64-bit version and this is what she had to say:
    I forced it to use the old xp driver but the scanner didn’t quite work properly with it. There is a box in the control panel under hardware where you could tell which device to use which driver. That is what I did. Worked for the web camera but the scanner won’t quite work right unfortunately.
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    I guess there is an issue on software compatibility. To solve it, you right click the software icon > properties > check the box "Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (service Pack 3.)"

    Try windows update, it will help to fix software bug and search for suitable driver. If still cant, refer to Canon support, sometime manufacturer do provide latest driver for installation.

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    Thanks for all of the insight...she has now solved the problem
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