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Thread: How to start a forum?

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    How to start a forum?

    I've recently built an online forum, functionality-wise it's pretty much finished

    My question is, how do you "kick start" it so if fills up with people... where do the first posters come from?

    Any help appreciated!
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    There are a few ways to do that, and you really need to make sure that it's populated with posts and content first. If it is a "ghost town" then people just won't want to start posting if it appears that there's no one there.

    Some people have paid others to post, while others have use scripts to auto populate the forum with unique content.

    Depending on your topic, you need to go where the forum posters are--and spread the word.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmoin
    Well your forum should have good contents and then people will start posting on it....
    What constitutes "good content"? And, how are people going to suddenly find this forum and "start posting"??
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    For those who don't have back bone traffic like blog or site, self posting in forum very important, because no one willing to participate a new setup forum, or they not even know the forum existing. Build reputation on others forum, so that we can contact them to participate our forum.

    Webmaster love high PR forum, by increase PR more webmaster will spread the new automatically.

    Beside that hiring poster also effective to increase number of post. To attract return visitor, forum point system may help, though point accumulation member can exchange it with gift or cash.

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    A quick update, I have been self-posting, and so far have about 10 users and 1 user post... I'll let you know it develops... Thanks for your feedback!

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    Better ask, facebook login for your forum as one strategy, other of course would be blogging.

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    The plot thickens, my main forum now has 30 members, lots of lurkers but no real posts... my cunning plan is to try and encourage some posting by adding more content by additional users... another similar website did the same and as i understood it got good results... )

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    I'm glad you solved the spamming problems on your forum, that's a must do starting step.
    As far as populating it is concerned, you need to promote it well and post encouraging topics to entice members to converse within.
    How about starting a blog in a sub-directory and writing some killer articles on interior design?

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    This is really funny... the problem with me blogging about interior design is I HATE INTERIOR DESIGN AND EVERYTHING ABOUT INTERIOR DESIGNERS ANNOYS ME!!!!!

    I want other people to materialise from Google to just materialise and blog and stuff for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kateson View Post
    First combine a lot of best and interesting topic to post so that people attracts towards you ..!!
    Also, choosing a slightly different angle than the existing forums out there will help - if there's no need for yet another forum on subject X, there won't be many readers or writers either. So while interior design may be hard (I would expect there to be a dozen of forums on this topic), French style interior design might be easier to market and gather a loyal user base.

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