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Thread: How does google + helps in SMO ??

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    How does google + helps in SMO ??

    Well, Google + is the buzz these days .. Can anyone tell me that how it can be used for smo ????

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    For starters, create your business profile and link to your site. Also be sure to post in your Google plus page. Remember, Google loves Google so anytime you can drop a link on their properties, it will help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnalex06 View Post
    Yes, It will help you in smo.
    John, you are new to the forum. However, if you read the OP's question, you would see it has to do with "How it helps" and not "Will it help". If you can add something of value to the thread, by all means add. If nothing comes to mind, this type of post adds nothing to the topic and most likely will be "moderated".
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