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Thread: Using computer when one is logged on remotely

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    Using computer when one is logged on remotely


    When one connects to his/her computer remotely, may another employee use the computer at the office? Or will that cause problems for the employee who is working remotely? Providing the user at the office doesn't turn off the machine when finish using it.


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    It all depends the OS and the remote connection software. With linux, you can connect to the X-server and use the computer remotely with another user working on the computer simultaneously. But with Windows (Vista and Windows 7) Remote Desktop connection will block the user sitting before the computer when there is a remote user. With applications like VNC, both can use the computer at the same time - though they will see the same screen.

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    It should not be of a problem except when opening the same file to edit. It will only allow the first user who opens that file. Of course when the local user switches off the system, all remote users will be terminated.
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