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Thread: Landing Page Transfer?

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    Moving a landing page to another server

    Since you asked the simple question: How?
    Obviously, it can be done. The question is ... is it worth the trouble?

    Let's cover the basics.
    Once you have the landing page built, you will need to copy the source code. To do this go into the file manager or FTP and edit the file, copy the HTML to note pad and save the file as - landingpage.html

    Move the images, flash files, and .html files to the new website. Make sure that any links to the menu are edited.
    *** VERY CRITICAL *** Test all links when you move the page. Bad links can kill the performance of your website.

    If you are using flash - you will need to make sure that you also copy the related flash file, usually .swf or .flv.
    Look for the line in the code that references the flash file and change the path to the web root for the site you are moving it to.

    It is unlikely that there is a database file involved. If there is, it would be easier to build the entire site in the site builder tool that you are using and then export all files in the web root and look for the connection string (usually config.php, connect.php, includes.php) - This is where you need to decide if it is worth the effort. You need to create the database, create the user for the database, add the user to the database, import the data and finally set up the connection to the database ... that is a lot of effort for a freebie ... and twenty years of experience has taught me that the people who are hardest to satisfy are the people who pay a premium for your work and those who are given a huge discount. So take my advise and if a database is involved, recommend that they let you build it using the web builder on their site. They can change passwords when you are done.

    Good luck,
    Eric Rima
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    Quote Originally Posted by erima View Post
    Move the images, flash files, and .html files to the new website. ...
    The OP is denied access to the target site, so that, from this point forward, none of what you say can be done by him.

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    Why is he not giving you access to the back-end of his website? If he trusts you enough to design the Landing Page (and you are friends, right?), why won't he give you access and perhaps change his password when you are done? That will be the easiest way to handle it in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deepsand View Post
    The OP is denied access to the target site, so that, from this point forward, none of what you say can be done by him.
    Indeed. My assumption was that the user of the site would FTP the files once they were completed. But we all know what a danger it is to assume. All the best.
    Eric Rima
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    I don't think so!

    You mentioned "Shopping Cart Button". This is definitely a deal-breaker in porting it over from your Website building tool at GoDaddy.

    You are not talking about just a "Button".

    It is not a Button, it is a whole database, possible cgi or Perl or what-have-you server program modules, and javascript driven process.

    This is the part where you are going to be thwarted even if you could transfer over the static html files and images and even Flash and the Flash player that is used.

    It sounds like that Shopping Cart is a big part of the functionality that your friend wants.

    If this page has much less value to him without the Shopping Cart then you must find more advanced options that do not depend on the Website Builder and its tools at your host.

    The Shopping Cart is embedded into the Website Builder and is running through your hosting itself and it has to operate inside a session on those servers.

    Just bringing the button image and its link over to your friend's site is not going to put that Shopping Cart into action for him.
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