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Thread: Slow down in sales after implementing new Shopping Cart and accepting CC's

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    Your anaytics will tell you where you are losing people if it's set up right..

    If you have the same number of overall visitors to the 'shopping pages' not just the website Then you need to see how many are adding to cart now vs then. Then you need to see how many add to cart and then never pay (cart abandonment) Those numbers will tell you a lot about how people are using your site.. I would wager that your conversions are down not because of accepting credit cards (unless you have that configured wrong or it's very hard to use)..

    Have you purchased something from yourself to make sure that it all work?

    It is possible that the design change from the old to the new pages has confused your buyers enough to make the purchase channel break..
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    You are telling that you have made changes to your shop in early December. Right?

    Leave out all the odds like type of shop, change of subdomain or payment processors, phone options etcetc.

    Simply my question is: Are your products can be given as gift items during holidays? Last year during Christmas, you haven't noticed any down trend of sales?

    Because people tend to balance their purchases during holidays... they prioritize the things what to buy and what to keep on hold.

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    I agree it was not wise to make changes before December as people are creatures of habit, search engines also notice changes so not so good during peek.

    On another note.. well, I know you did not ask for a review but when I visited your website I was not so inclined to pull out my credit card or Paypal account etc.. to purchase anything. This is a classic case of "Great Product" / "Services" bad packaging for eCommerce. You really want to remove the clutter, organize the site and reduce confusion. Sure, anyone can make a website but the trick is to make it successful and worth all the time invested.

    Maybe consider using a eCommerce platform designed to display your products in a more themed fashion .. not over the top, not too little but in a way it looks like a store they want to shop at or share with their friends.

    Just some friendly "real" raw advice

    Hope you appreciate the suggestion and if you seek more information or suggestions just PM me.

    Have a Great New Year!
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    Thanks Snerdy - We'll take any advice that can improve our website or our shopping cart.

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    The first question that i have is what percentage of he sale is freight? How significant is it?
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