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Thread: How to add a photogallery with thumbnails?

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    How to add a photogallery with thumbnails?

    I had created a php page but the server is so old that it doesnt support php. I want a page with a simple leftnav and I need to add a photogallery with thumbnails... anyone have any advice for me? Or maybe some good tools?

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    I would suggest maybe upgrading to a server/host that supports PHP. You could also use JavaScript but it would require quite a bit of coding to get right the way you want it. If you do move to a server/host with PHP support, you can use such scripts as Coppermine etc and they work quite nicely.

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    I believe there are tools that allow you to post photos on flickr and have a feed on your site.
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    why dont you try to use java script galary

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