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Thread: Need Help on Blocking Proxies and Public IP's

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    Need Help on Blocking Proxies and Public IP's

    What is the best way to block public proxies? Is there a good source that is updated on a regular basis? My next question is sites like Hidemyass that have private virutual ips, is there a good way to block them? We have a small and growing site and need a way to block public ip's. We are starting to get stalkers and trolls on our server and have had little luck stopping them because they are hiding behide the cloak of public ips. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Understand that public access points, which include those of institutional users such as libraries and schools, and those of open proxies/relays, web based proxies and proxy networks are different things, and that blocking either may block countless legitimate users. And, tracking the latter has become increasingly difficult owing the ability of individuals to easily download and install software that turns their client machines into open proxies, very many of which have dynamic IP Addresses.

    While it is possible to scan clients that access your server for signs of being proxies, it is no mean feat for the uninitiated, and the legality of such is debated. There are also services that will provide you, on a subscription basis, with script that links to their databases of known proxies, and provides automatic blocking of such.

    Unless you are willing and desirous of potentially blocking countless legitimate users, you should, IMO, only block an IP Address when a sufficiently high percentage of your visitors using it prove to be of little to no value.

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