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Thread: Spies Wanted: Code-Cracking Game Job Ad

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    Spies Wanted: Code-Cracking Game Job Ad

    Intelligence agency GCHQ has launched an online code-cracking game in a bid to track down the spies of the future.

    The service, which works with MI5 and MI6, has set up a website which hosts a Matrix-style code, as it attempts to look beyond traditional methods of recruitment.

    Visitors to the site - which has no GCHQ branding - are faced with seemingly meaningless rows and columns of numbers and letters, and given seven hours to come up with the hidden keyword.
    Anyone successfully unearthing the word will be redirected to the GCHQ recruitment website, where they will be able to apply for jobs suited to their skills.

    Interest in the campaign is being generated through social media websites, where the agency hopes to tap into a new generation of self-taught hackers to help tackle cyber crime.
    Seen on Yahoo news

    GCHQ United Kingdom

    The site where the code cracking is at and it looks a lot like Hexideacimal code, but this may be a trick
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    Well I didn't pass. No spying for me. Dang it. Of course I didn't spend the full 7 hours either.

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    This was easy to solve, took me only a few minutes... I googled the answer and found this as the solution page

    I visited the Apply link and it did take me to a job description page.

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