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Thread: Gmail problem. Incoming emails go directly to the trash can.

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    Question Gmail problem. Incoming emails go directly to the trash can.

    I have n email accounts. Gmail is one important because of its great functionality. The following has changed recently:

    1. Buzz integration is stopped because Google will stop the Buzz service.
    2. Google has recently changed to a new and improved gmail API.

    Suddenly some days ago I stopped getting new mails in my inbox. That shocked me and I thought I have been suspended by Google. I searched the web for an answer and found this page that said that I should look in the trash. And there all the emails that I missed were stored. I have a lot of spam filters, but has been unable to fix the problem. All emails still go automatically to the trash can without me consiously chaniging anything.

    So my question is. Has somebody else experienced this and did you find the solution?

    Going back to the old skin don't solve the problem.

    Some of you may know the fast fix before I search the web for a solution.
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    You made me look.

    Nope, not doing that to mine.

    It does keep marking one of my Google Analytics reports as spam though.
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    As expected I solved the problem changing some settings as explained in the article in my OP and deleted all spam filters. Now incoming mails go to the inbox with most recent mails first. Spam go directly to the spam folder. The new gmail service is perhaps so good that I don't need to set manual spam filters.

    There is so much functionality in the new gmail platform, that it should be the subject for a book. You need to take the time to look at the possibilities, settings and different options to get most out of it.

    In addition, it is not always easy to know the best integration with other Google platforms. Definitely a great subject for a book IMO.

    Gmail is better than some paid Norwegian eMail services that don't function good with Opera. But Opera has their own email service, but not with a capacity of 7+ Gb. You can keep the emails for the rest of your life there unless you attach large files. And since Google already know more about me than any body else, including myself, there is no need to vorry about secret mails. Don't send them on the internet.

    I remember a seminar in Norway with a representative from our government. She missed an email service with a good search function. Is there a better than Googles gmail?

    And when I send emails from my ISP email service with large attachments the attachment will not always be accepted, so I have to go to Gmail where I can attach big documents and send without problems.

    Seemingly great new Gmail platform Google
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