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Thread: How many links in a forum post?

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    How many links in a forum post?

    As a new member I have read the rules for posting in forum and signature.
    And especially I like rule # 1: We are all here to learn.

    However, I couldn't find the rule for using links.
    How many links (and which kind of referrals) are allowed in a forum post?

    Viggo Joergensen

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    It all depends on if they are needed or not, and is very much a judgement call by the moderators. We do have one rule though about not using referral links as these tend to only come from fly-by-posters who are only here to get a paid link out there.

    My advice for you is to play it cool on links, and only use them when needed. This especially holds true with new members as you have more eyes watching what you post.

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    Thanks for your advice, Rah.

    I shall be carefull not to use referral links.

    I'm reading the rules with the intention not to break the rules.


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