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Thread: review my logo

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    review my logo

    hi, here is the logo for my creative studio. please have a look and give your reviews .
    rachna.HAND MACHINE.jpg

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    I like the Idea of 'hands' being machines. . But I am not overly enthusiastic about the large word 'HAND', or the name 'creative studio' being the less prominent text.

    I greatly like the thought of hands being machines. Is it possible to great a graphic of 'Machine operated hands' with diminished "hand machine" text.

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    "Creative Studio" should be emphasize - "Hand Machines" can be slogan.
    Color scheme is Good.

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    I think three different fonts and colors going on here is too much, at least done this way. I would say, go easier on the embossed look, and instead look for more solid colors and styles. Keep hand and machine the same font,size, and style. Hope that helps.
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    This is a nice illustration, but as I've mentioned before to other designers in this forum, the most effective logos are much more simple -- and have one (and only one) distinguishing element that stands out in the image (think about Dell's logo with the slanted "E"). Like GeoffreyYu7 pointed out, you have multiple fonts and colors going on. You might consider trimming it down a bit.
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    it is too messy, it's not a good idea to write a word over another word cause sometimes the logos should be printed
    at one colors [ lets say black on paper ] than you're lossing it.

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    A bit too "nail design studio" for my liking, but I believe in the concept. Work on it some more. maybe you dont need the word "Hand" in the logo?
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    I Think it is overly designed try to make it look more simple

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    Looks a bit messy and crowded. I would skip the overused bevel effect.

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    I think having three very different fonts each with a different colour, may be a bit much. I like the hands and I like the concept, but I think there could definitely be a better font choice in here. I also think the "Creative Studios" should be a bit more emphasized.

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