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Thread: AdSense account banned

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    AdSense account banned

    Google said my sites have invalid clicks and my AdSense account got banned. I got Google's email in Feb which also said my sites had innvalid clicks. To protect myself, I purchased third party AdSense stats script and threw several IPs to my sites' blacklist.

    But my account was still disabled. WTF!

    It seems if you have competitor, and if he has AdSense on pages, You may choose to click his Google Ads again and again. I was hit. Hopefully you will not.

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    Google Law = Murphy Law

    It appears that Google make their own laws and believe they have the right to impose them and change them at random.

    They complained to me that I was a) using keywords on the pages and b) had more than one Google add per page.

    I pointed out that the only way I could get relevant ads was to add the keywords and asked them to show me where these points were in their rules. They did not but "banned" me until I fixed out the site.

    Good luck getting reinstated.

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