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Thread: HTML5 and CSS3 - Is there a Web standards divergence?

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    Question HTML5 and CSS3 - Is there a Web standards divergence?

    At present I am reading the Sitepoint book - HTML5 & CSS3 for the real world:

    In the section

    "Would the real HTML5 spec please stand up"?

    There I read that there is now an additional organization "the Web Hypertext Application Techonology Working Group" WHATWG that serves the living HTML standard, dropping the "5" found at . It is called a "living standard" because it will be in constant development and will no longer be refered to using incremental updates.

    The W3C's version of the standard can be found at :

    So what is the difference between the W3C spec and that of WHATWG? Briefly the WHATWG version is a little more informal and experimental (and, some might argue more forward-thinking).
    WHATWG was formed by a group of people from Apple, Mozilla and Opera.

    Should you be worried that there are two versions of the spec?

    In short, no.
    What is your opinion?
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