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Thread: Google adsense not show up..

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    Google adsense not show up..

    I just install adsense code on my web page, but the ads wasn’t show up.
    I tried to verify the sama page in my local server (localhost) and adsense could show up.
    What is that mean? could any body tell me what is going wrong.
    Is there any issue with my domain?
    appreciated the answears..

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    It may be due to few reasons:
    -AdSense has no ad to show on your page at the moment (try setting other format of your ad)
    -your site or ad placement is still pending review by adsense stuff
    -adsense code has been implemented in some wrong way, maybe your CMS is not cooperating with Adsense java code

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    Thanks Arkan,

    I just got explanation from adsense stuff that the problem was content languange.
    Adsense didn't support the language of my website.

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    Thread was resolved in late 2011, and is now closed. If the OP wishes to add to it, the member can request re-opening.

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