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Thread: DNS Health

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    DNS Health

    I used Pingdom's DNS health checker and got that under "Nameserver" & "SOA".

    "The PTR record for the address points to an unknown host name."

    If the PTR record/reverse DNS points to an unknown host name do I really need to care for that. I mean can this create problems? How can I fix this?

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    It will create problems, but they may not be obvious or, necessarily, affect many people. This is mostly an issue for email servers (part of spam prevention). However, I would recommend keeping your DNS as clean as you can because it really is part of your digital credibility. If you aren't running your own DNS servers, then get in touch with the company that are. Googling 'setting up rdns' provides plenty of info on what you need to do, but how you do it will depend on your set up, providers etc.
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    Thanks for the info. Is this something which causes undelivered emails. In some case it happened to me & could figure out the reason. Thanks again.

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