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Thread: Premium LSI Articles to boost your site Ranking - Review Copies Available!

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    Premium LSI Articles to boost your site Ranking - Review Copies Available!

    Premium LSI Articles to help your site rise above the rest, written by native speakers.

    What is LSI?

    Just when you were thinking that you got the secret of ranking in SERP, Wham! A new algorithm change and again you are back to square one. The latest shakeup in the world of optimizing a site for better SERP Ranking is LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing. The term may sound extremely technical but practically it is a commonsense approach for the search engines to guess what a site is really about. The search engines use LSI Algorithms to associate certain terms called LSI keywords, with the concept and the main theme of a site while indexing web pages. That means, instead of relying heavily on the number of occurrences of a particular keyword in a page, they can now accurately assess the theme of a page by how the words are associated on that page.

    How to get good ranking?

    To get a good ranking your site should have content which is well optimized with the LSI Concept. It means that the content of your site should contain the LSI keywords related to your main keyword. It should also use long tail keywords which ensure relevant traffic. And last but not the least, the H1 and H2 tags. The search engines give decent importance to the header tags and having the targeted long tail keywords in them can do a lot of good to the ranking of your site.

    What are we offering and what are our methods?

    We are offering highly optimized 900-1000 words article ready to copy-paste directly into your site. In the article, we use unique keywords and key phrases that have a combination of important words. Then, we use these key phrases in Ad Words to find related keywords. Out of the search results, we pick the once that are relevant with our content/topic. After that, we use a long tail keyword which is also used in the title. Long tail keywords ensure relevant search traffic. We divide the content into paragraphs and assign H1 and H2 tags which are also optimized with LSI keywords. And we don’t believe in stuffing the content with keywords, rather, we believe in focusing on the right keyword placement strategies and high human readability of the content. We aim to make your website look attractive to the human visitors, as well as lucrative to the search engine spiders.

    What do we need from you?
    • Data needed to provide you our service:
    1. Your main keyword
    2. Your email ID where we’ll send you the article(s)
    3. Your PayPal Email ID to track your payment
    4. Additional Instructions or Comments (If Any)

    • Data needed for our Client Database:
    1. Your Name
    2. Your IM Name
    3. Your IM ID
    4. Country Name

    Our Packages and Prices:
    • 1 Article (900-1000 words) - $18
    • 5 Articles (900-1000 words) - $17 each – Total $85
    • 10 Articles (900-1000 words) - $16 each – Total $160
    • 15 Articles (900-1000 words) - $15 each – Total $225
    Our PayPal ID:


    (Please pm us if you face problem in understanding this format.)

    Contact Us:


    (Please pm us if you face problem in understanding this format.)

    For further inquiry of our service please email us.

    P.S. We are offering one half priced article for review to each user. That means you are getting one Article of 900-1000 words at a discounted price of $9 only, to review our new SEO Service. This offer is available to all the users in this forum!
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