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Thread: Rate the logo of the new company I work for

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    Rate the logo of the new company I work for

    Please provide feedback, as I would like to propose to my new boss that the logo he created with MS Publisher is perhaps not the best logo he could present for his start-up company.

    I don't know why the images are black like that... so here is the website

    it is at www dot doorstepfarmers dot com
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    I'm a bit confused, as there is a similar, but not wholly identical, image on your home page.


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    Looks ok but it should depend on what kind of customers will this startup have. Why not use Photo Shop or other similar software instead of MS Publisher? You could find more features there.

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    The grapes look like a bunch of pebbles to me. Now if you could get those draping over the other veg/fruit it maybe less like that.

    I do like the font for the theme.

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    Actually not bad, but it's not a modern design. I would suggest making it tighter, bring all the elements closer together. Also, simplify the "fruit" portion of the logo and change the font. It's alright as it is now, but it could be a lot better.
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    You could put the vegetables and fruits in some kind of a box (frame) or put it in a basket, and text could be written on a basket, that's my idea.

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    Not too fond of the clip arty look of the fruits. I think drawing fruits could be more creative, almost to the extend that you have to look close to see what it is. Or at least better drawn fruits.

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    I agree with the comments above about the logo's look. I think it looks kind of like a rough sketch for a logo. I suppose it's not too bad for a start up business, but still be a bit better drawn. I just don't like the clip art style of this logo. The idea mentioned about a box or basket would look nice. Perhaps look into that.

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