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Thread: Halloween '11 Photoshop Contest!

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    Thumbs up Halloween '11 Photoshop Contest!

    It's time for our Halloween contest!

    As many of you know, it's the time of year we do our Halloween Photoshop contest. This year will be a little different however.

    This time we aren't limiting the contest to just our pictures. You can use anyone you'd like from the tech industry that is well known.

    Want to make Mark Zuckerberg a zombie? Go for it! Rather see Steve Wozniak dressed as the Microsoft logo? Sure why not... Do your worst.

    As with all things on here, there are a couple rules to follow:

    1) Keep it clean. Nothing suggestive or offensive.
    2) Have fun.

    This year's winner will have the site of their choice featured in an upcoming WebProWorld newsletter. The winner will also have their image featured in a WebProNews article covering the contest!

    Our contest will end Friday, October 28, 2011 at 12:00pm (Eastern Standard)

    Good Luck!

    And the winner is... *drum rolls*



    Pictures from iEntry: Click to enlarge.
    (You aren't limited to just us now. Pick any well know person in the tech industry if you want.)


    Previous Contests:

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    Ironic, but this is what Jobs wore last year to the company Halloween party.

    With all due respect to the subject, I submit this entry to the contest.

    After all, you did say to "do your worst."
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    I was wondering if anyone would do one of Steve Jobs. It didn't take long.

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    So, it looks like I'll be the first to do this year's iEntry staff-related pic...

    Bryan and Abby dancing to "Thriller"

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    Chris, you make a handsome Wolfen
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    A Friendly CHAD Chewbacca
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    Very funny pictures. I like them.

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    nothing to do today except play with the photos.


    and BeyoncEbby

    Both kinda scary. Abby is better left as beautiful as she is.
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  9. The following user agrees with obietemp:
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    Tiffany in almost Midnight

    Here is my entry.
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    This is my most recent website and the initial effort. I am trying to see if I will get orders using Paypal.

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