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Thread: Google Chrome: Some fonts not being displyed or displayed incorrectly

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    Someone may remember this about chrome and css [ font-size:14 ]. Been a long time but chrome uses what's in this type bracket, may need an "if" in there somewhere.
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    An embedded font is any that is loaded using a CSS AT-RULE, as in @font-face. Embedded font.

    Generally speaking, they have been supported for as long as CSS 2.1 has been around, but with several provisos. One condition that must be met for each browser is the correct font format.

    In the case of Chrome, any would be correct EXCEPT EOT. But the OP states that other browsers are loading the font, so EOT is not the problem (only IE can render EOT). Chrome can render all the others.

    Another condition may be that Chrome thinks the font is being loaded from another domain? What file information is displaying in Web Inspector?

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    i have this problem in 19 version of Canary Chrome...

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    Canary is a pre-Alpha version; I believe that Chrome 19 is now in formal Alpha phase, what Google calls "Dev."

    As Chrome v19 is not yet a final release candidate, you should report any problems directly to Google.

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    I have since found
    This works GREAT and even better than cufon or any other solution that I have used.. I highly suggest you check it out if you need to use embedded fonts

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