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Thread: Help Using Squidoo

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    Help Using Squidoo

    Hi all,

    Just wondered if anyone has been able to post links in Squido? Do you need a certain number of posts? I'm told it is in the text window where I add text but it is defo not there for me! Thanks

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    I'm not sure what you were expecting to find, but Squidoo modules accept a truncated range of standard HTML.

    See this lens for the basics: squidoo[dot]com/basichtml


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    You should look into the "Link List" module. Add the module & post your link there.

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    Squidoo allows you to post links without much restriction, and if you can get people to read the post, then you've got a high quality backlink. You can post links in the content using standard HTML <a> tag or you can use the 'Links List Module' which doesn't allow you to open the link in a new window.
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    Squiddo has various purpose to help augment your existing site. Although Squiddo is more lenient with the quality of the content the quality should still be there, and they limit the amount of links within the content of the site, normally, it is best to use just one, and when you place the link with your anchor text keyword, you now have a contextual link back to your site, which is a stronger link than one in the footer or placed in the "link list" on Squiddo. Adding short youtube videos to your lens can give it a positive impact if you create the video with the link back to your site on youtube, getting even more authority from both of the sites.

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