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Thread: Login to home page

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    Login to home page

    Hello...My problem is that when I go to my home page..My Yahoo...I have to sign in. Every time. This happens with Firefox 6@7. When I click 'sign in' all the info is there and I just have to click enter. Doesn't matter if I check 'remember'. Any thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikewriter111 View Post
    password is saved......
    The OP already knows that. The questions is why, with "Remember Me" selected, auto-login does not occur.

    The answer is that "Remember Me" does not mean the same thing for all applications. For some it means "keep me logged in;" for others, "remember my log-in credentials & pre-populate the log-in screen whenever I visit."

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    Yahoo has always had peculiarities, one of them has been the habit of ignoring users.

    I use Yahoo, and banging my head on my desk seems to be a normal 'yahoo syndrome' some things yahoo do better and the pain in the forehead is compensated for. Sometimes not . .

    We have to pick and choose the programs and sites we use according to our tolerance to pain.

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