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Thread: Taking Partial Backup Of WHM and Cpanel accounts

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    Taking Partial Backup Of WHM and Cpanel accounts

    I'm after a backup solution for my server.
    I have several accounts. A side of the content I would like to backus (the site content) each one of them, has ONE huge folder (500-600GB) in it that prevents me from using the Cpanel/WHM backup function.

    How can I take a backup of the account without that particular folder?

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    Ifyou want to take the backup of the cpanel account than you have to follow 5 simple steps:

    1) Log in to your cpabel account,

    2) Go to files and than click on backup,

    3) Now click on download and than generate the full account backup.

    4) Fill out the information need and than click go button.

    5) When the backup will finish you will see a link to your file with which you can download your file later.
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