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Thread: Recommended content/article writing services

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    Recommended content/article writing services

    Hi all,

    Can you recommend any content/article writing services that have shown consistently high quality and reliability, and that you have personally used?

    If so, perhaps you could name them for the community here?

    Once I try a few out, I will post back here with my findings.

    Keep up the good work folks! Mjb.

    Update: during my search I have noticed wild variations in the offerings made by the hundreds of services out there. Perhaps it would also help to benchmark what we expect and mean when we say quality?

    For M2C, I'd say:
    - 100% guaranteed written by a Native speaker of the language you're working in
    - 100% guaranteed unique content
    - Sold on an All Rights basis, i.e. exclusive, first use
    - Copy that matches latest SE guidelines on "quality" i.e. it is authoritative, provides trustworthy information or analysis, and is not shallow and/or space filler, i.e. "content for the sake of content"
    - Is accurate in spelling, grammar and factually

    Obviously, I'm seeking quality over cheap here, but affordability is also important. SO, how much would you pay for the above? $10 per 500 words? More? Less?
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    I have found some good writers on Fiverr, but I have also found some horrible ones. There are other sites where quality may rise because of the prices, for example TenBux is more than Fiverr...

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    Thanks Demandprints, I'm having a trial run with a few services. I'll post my results back here.

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