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Thread: Can't Log in to Yahoo Mail

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    Can't Log in to Yahoo Mail

    I have a client that can't log into her yahoo mail. She was having trouble with it for sevral weeks. She was able to login a week ago (she sent me an email at at time from her yahoo account) but hasn't ben able to login since.

    I tried for several times and the message I get is "This ID is not yet taken."

    It seems as if yahoo is saying there is not an email account for this id ( The help forms don't cover this issue and there seems no way to contact them directly.

    She has several hundred contacts saved on her yahoo account. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have also faced a problem on 26 oct. Yahoo was showing password mismatch. Before that I have received an email from one of my relative. The message was your email has been compromised. So I call that relative and ask about this and he told me that he didn't send any mail to me.

    I guess yahoo was hacked..................

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