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Thread: Browser Trends September 2011

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    Browser Trends September 2011

    Interesting statistics for all web developers. Which browsers are used by public.

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    Mozilla screwed the pooch by playing the Chrome version no. game.

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    Interesting... having always been a firefox fan, I have found my self been using Crome much more lately, especially after downloading webrankseo tool for a quick "summary" tool.

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    Chrome is my first choice. I was a Firefox fan, but one of their releases was really buggy and I had nothing but problems. I started using Chrome and never went back. I'm sure partly because of the functionality of Gmail and associated services. I just can't get the same options in other browsers which isn't much of a surprise. Chrome is also really fast and stable for my use.

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    Our development and QA teams use FireFox as their "go-to" browser for development and testing, primarily due to the excellent FireBug plug-in. And we ultimatley have to use them all, for cross-browser compatibility of our UI. But I have to agree that Chrome is a great browser.
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    Personally I'll most likely always prefer FireFox to Chrome. Not only on a functionality lvl but I understand how to code a lot better for FireFox and know that generally what I code for FireFox will usually almost always work in other browsers. I've tried coding in Chrome and I had some issues to fix in FireFox. Anyways, I'm just surprised to see that high of a number still for IE.. though I suppose I shouldn't be

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    I use Firefox more than Chrome. Well I do have both of those browsers in my system but I prefer Firefox over Chrome as its less laggy. Chrome makes my system run slow so I much prefer firefox. I guess people don't have the same issue as mine so they prefer other browsers.


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