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Thread: Which Movie that make you cry,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Which Movie that make you cry,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Which movie that,s make you cry and why,,,,,,,

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    Veer Zaara soo sentimental movie

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    A walk to remember is that movie which make me cry........

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    Titanic is the movie which always make me cry..................I love this movie and this movie is related on the Real story..............This movie has a touching story and I always become little bit emotional when I watch this movie...
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    "Devdas" and "Tum bin" is so sentimental
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    Million Dollar Baby did it or me... daren't watch it again

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    sholay, the ending scene

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    "TITANIC" made my cry. It is very pathetic movie.

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    they are many movies making me cry such as Homeless to Harvard;The Iron Lady.The two movies make me cry because they have the same reason to move me which is that i always admire those women who try their best to achieve triumph via effort and perseverance.

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    TITANIC is the movie that make me cry

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