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Thread: Electronic Document Signature

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    Electronic Document Signature

    Long time reader, first time thread starter...

    I have a client that has an employee log in section of their site. They want me to build HTML versions of most of the forms that they require for new employees, so that it can be electronically saved in the database.... and also to save the trees! My question comes because most of these forms have to be signed. Does anybody know the best way to do this? I have seen online services that let you sign docs between two parties, but the client requires that the forms be filled out within the company's employee area. I have used the pdf signature function on forms before, but that wont work because it is clunky and does not easily allow you to capture the data for database inclusion.

    Im sure there is a third party application somewhere out there that allows you to collect a signature on a HTML form in the same manner a pdf can. If there is, what are you feelings on the legal aspects of it compared to having an actual dead tree with a signature on it? We have realized that there are certain government forms that will have to be kept in paper form. So going totally paperless is still a sci-fi movie.

    Thank you all,

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    One solution if you need to capture the actual signature is to use flash for the signature area, and that would be converted to an image which would save on your server and referenced in the db. You could also just do a generic "by typing your full name in this box you agree to this form" or whatever.

    As far as legality goes, it really depends on what you are needing to sign.. The dead tree will probably be the safest route, but I think it really depends on what you are having them sign and how it will be used.

    If the form itself is just in-house, you could even tie the form in with a tablet (like wacom) so signatures can be done easily.

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    We've had good experiences with but I'm not sure if they meet your client's requirement to keep the process within the "company's employee area." We have also researched While our experiences are good with RightSignature, we'll probably be switching to Sertifi sometime in the near future because the process is more streamlined and might meet your client's "employee area" requirement (provided the server has outbound access to the Internet).

    Good luck.

    BTW, someone mentioned DocuSign. we did research them along with RightSignature and at that time (3-4 years ago) DocuSign was uber expensive in comparison ($50K'ish for our needs -- they did not offer a SaaS solution at the time). Sertifi is matching our RightSignature pricing.
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    @hcancelik: Thank you but docusign will not work as it has to run or their platform.

    @Shift4SMS: Your right, will not work.'s API would work, but I am looking for more of a plug in that I can develop a system on, without having the monthly fees. In other words, I want to keep all actions on the client's server.

    @a53mp: Yes you are on the right track, a Flash or Jquery solution would be best. I did find a Jquery plug in that captures JSON data to store in a database. I was hoping someone here has used something like this and can recommend.

    As for the legal issue I am only trying to gather advice for the client. I am leaving the ultimate decision up to them on which forms can be electronically signed, and advising them the ask their attorney.

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    What we did at one client was put the documents that needed to be viewed on the intranet, and then had a single paper document signed by the employee, listing all the forms, with check-boxes for those they had read. Our attorney assured us that it would stand in a Calif. court, since the intranet logs would show the date of viewing by their sign-in, so that changed versions would still be available.

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    What about HTML5 <canvas>? It is a starting point that does not require any plug-ins.

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