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Thread: Magento - Change the image according to selected artibutes

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    Magento - Change the image according to selected artibutes

    Hi there,

    for our customer we developed this module which ensures that product images changes depending on the selected attributes. Your web store customers could already see the actual product they wish to order. The price included implementation and adjustment module for two attributes.

    It's easier to imagine if we take T-shirt for example. On particular model of T-shirt you can choose the T-shirt color and color of the textt. If a user choose red shirt and green sign, it will show you T-shirt image in a selected color combination.

    For another example we can take furniture where we could to selected item - let's say deckchair - determine the color of wood and color of upholstery separately.

    The module is very specific, which means that it can be upgraded and adapted to any individual customer's request. This can also be added to the desired caption option - customer can add text in a specific field, which then appears on the article. Also is possible changing the caption color, adding new artibutes which are account when displaying images (in our examples such as the T-shirt - woman or man, from furniture upholstery material type, etc.).

    We would really apriciate your opinion - what do you think about it?


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    which ensures

    what do you think about it?

    So which is it?

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