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Thread: IE7-only CSS bug

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    Unhappy IE7-only CSS bug

    Hi all,

    I am having trouble floating the right blue text box to the right. Works in all major browsers except IE7.

    Any ideas what might be the issue here? This is Drupal output, which I am styling.


    - Paul
    All the best,
    Paul Mycroft
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    div#content div.section div.region-content {
    float: right;
    position: relative;
    Is this DRUPAL template CSS or your own? That seems like a helluva lot of specificity for a basic block. Maybe just put an ID on the block. That should be enough.

    IE is funny with floats. Is there a position: relative in the parent container properties? Or on any grand parent above your float in the cascade? Seems to me that "haslayout" needs to be on in order for float: ____; to work properly. Another thing may also be the order. Whenever I float something right, I do it before any other floats (such as a float: left; container).

    The solution may be as simple as changing it to a left float, and just making sure it will always fall in the same general position.

    Another question: How many nested floats are there, if any? Sometimes this is buggy. I know this is probably not much help, just spouting all this stuff off, but it gets the juices flowing and gives you more terms to search for. Have you checked for this issue on quirksmode?

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    Hey weegillis,


    I went to the very top left and right container to make my changes (I was incorrectly trying to float the left and right elements rather than their parents) and added "position: relative;" to the parent.

    Thank you so much. Damn IE7.
    All the best,
    Paul Mycroft
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