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Thread: Webpronews article submission - looks like does not work

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    Webpronews article submission - looks like does not work

    1) We have submitted an article to Webpronews and it was promised to be processed in 2-3 business days.
    There has been no response already for about two weeks.
    We tried to contact support but again no answer. Any advice?

    2) I did not find search for published articles. Does anybody know how to do this.

    3) Is there any value at all to publish articles in Webpronews ?

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    1) PM me your article title, and the email address that you used. I'll see what happened and get back to you.

    2) All our published articles are mixed together with our regular content.

    3) The value is in the exposure you receive from our audience plus the links in your Bio and article back to your site.

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    Thanks to your quick response. I PMed you.
    It is still a little strange that there is no way to search for an article.
    What if I want a link to my article?
    What if I am looking for articles by subject? etc. etc.

    Another question is how can I advertise my web application through your email marketing which I get tons of it?
    I tried to contact support, but there was no response.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We have a search function. The search box is in the right column on every page.

    If you are interested in advertising:

    Susan Coppersmith
    Director of Sales
    Phone: (859) 514-2720
    Fax: (859) 219-9065
    email: susan [at] - put "Advertising Request" in the subject line.

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    I sent you a PM as you requested regarding our article. Could you please confirm receipt and tell us about the status.

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