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Thread: Web designing projects

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    Quote Originally Posted by hassan112 View Post
    ... but i recommend you odesk...
    So this is where you get all your business from? Recommending a site like odesk that has over 1000 references to it being a scam? If you know differently, then please share with us your thoughts.

    Actually it was over 250,000, but with quotes it's about 1200 references for the exact phrase. Now - I'm not saying it is a scam, but before taking this road, I'd suggest anyone thinking about following this advice, it to thoroughly investigate before considering it. As the saying goes, "where there's smoke... "
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisajhonson
    How does i develop the website and what are the benefits of web development ?
    Start by looking at the following forums here then ask a more specific question.

    Forum: Submit Your Site For Review

    Forum: Graphics & Design

    Once you understand some of the info obtained in the above links, then move on to these two.

    Forum: SEO 101

    Forum: Marketing Strategies Discussion

    That should keep you busy for a while - and you will learn a lot too!
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    Why would you want to start designing websites? You just graduated for C.S.? Is that not enough for you to keep you occupied? Web design is a profession like any other. It takes time, lots of learning and many stuff ups before you can create something half professional. Just ask the guys on this forum how long they been at it. You know the ones with lots of green stuff, like the moderators. They have been hacking at the keyboards for a while now to tell you what it takes. I suggest you focus on what you just graduated from. Subject wide enough to keep you busy for years.
    If you still like to start designing, start with the basic things; HTML and CSS. This is the language the browsers talk. Time? You need to make time if you want to do anything.

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