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Thread: Need Assistance with Quickbooks Problems and Ecommerce Integration

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    Need Assistance with Quickbooks Problems and Ecommerce Integration

    Hello everyone,
    I needed some opinions and help and experience on my case: I want to migrate some of my clients accounting systems to Quickbooks integrated with an ecommerce solution from an older system. This will be set up on an on premises server and not connected to the internet, and also I have the following problems:

    -I need to know if their is any way of connecting to a QB file other that Folder Sharing. This is not a secure method and not preferable for my clients and myself. Is their any other solution?

    - The QB database file is an unknown system to me and other developers and our older system was based on a SQL Server which had a lot of positive points, for example, SQL Server can determine the exact amount of ram, processor, and other server resources for the databases.On the other hand, the SQL Server security system is well known and manipulation of data is only available for certain defined administrators. Also, I know the limitations on increasing data amount and the speed of access in SQL Server and the Indexing feature in SQL Server allows me to determing the speed of my database depending on the type of data I work with.Unfortunately, the QB data file is unknown to me and my developers and I don't know how problems such as security, using server capabilities and speed and access to large amounts of data are solved. What are the solutions on this issue?

    - How is the customers credit cards connected to their bank? For example, if I enter my customers account info, how does it connect to the bank? or if they pay with cash, how does the program deposit the money into their credit? also, how does the gift card work in QB?

    -I will be using QB books for my clients which are approx. 10 companies with different purposes, for example, food, stationary, computer and network equipment.... This will be set up on a separate hosted server which is not going to be connected to the Internet. All the company files will be stored on the server and the companies will connect via an internal network. The smaller companies have an approximate of 600 transactions a month (including sales orders, purchases, statements...) and the bigger companies wil l have an approximate of 5200 transactions a month. Is this supported in QB Enterprise? I have heard there is a limitation to the amount of transactions. How is this solved?

    -Last important issue: The ecommerce solution. I need some one who has experience on this integration to answer some of my questions. Till now I found ASPDotNetStorefront, Magento, and Interspire which integrate with Quickbooks AND work on a separate hosted server as I need. I need to know information about the connectors to QB and the information that is passed on between the two apps.

    Any help or advice will be appreciated.

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    Are you sure when you say "integration" you aren't referring to data compatability through the means of importers and exporters? I think Quickbooks has an online version, so anything to do with "Live" connections might be handled through that. Not entirely sure -

    In any event, the Online Integration with the Online Service looks like it only came out about 5-6 months ago and it might still be in beta so tread with caution.

    Hopefully someone else will come along and say something different, but typically from my experiences, this sort of stuff just doesn't work without alot of patience, and willingness to have it work only partially. I would contact the vendors you are paying or the authors of the plug-ins you want to use and ask them.

    The integration you are talking about could be with the Desktop SDK, or the online service, or it could just be through flat database files (importers and exporters), or XML (which there seems to be reports of file size limitations). In any event, on the Quickbooks website, they say it takes about 1 half hour just to import from their own Desktop solution to their Online Solution, so there is a really good chance anything out there might either be limited or prone to error. Contact the people who support your software, jmo...
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    Quickbooks integration

    It has been a long time since I tried to integrate with Quickbooks accounting system, but it used to be the only real interface was in the payroll/time connection, where they had a file interface. Unless there are some major changes they did not have an interface and did not make it easy. I do a lot of interfacing to other systems and if they have an EDI integration or EDI system than you are in luck. Just format your data to go in thru the edi system. But in my experience quickbooks did not make it easy. Maybe they have changed ??? Ann

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    IIRC, most interfacing with QB is done with CSV, or other, delimited files. I know that many banks offer d/l's of your bank accounts into QB and Quicken formats, which are (or =were=) simple delimited files that QB could import. I believe export would be the same way, or into an Excel file. The only other thing I can say is to avoid QB's POS system, if at all possible, especially ver. 10. It's so bad that they've actually had to write a database regression program so people could step back to ver. 9 format =and= were giving refunds for ver. 10 licenses. Several horror stories about POS 10 on the Intuit Community forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nadia Kamil View Post
    ... Quickbooks integrated with an ecommerce solution from an older system. This will be set up on an on premises server and not connected to the internet...
    Am I missing something here? An eCommerce solution that will not be connected to the internet?

    As other posters have written on this thread, Quickbooks do not make their file format easy to read. They do want to make it easy to migrate your data to another accounts system. Nor do they encourage 3rd party developers to produce independent add-on software to integrate with Quickbooks.
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    How To

    There is a way to do what you want. The software is called ENTERit NOW and it reads the data from your clients accounting systems and automatically moves the info to Quickbooks. It works reliably because it does not use strictly mapping flat database files (importers and exporters) as others have mentioned can be problematic.

    This software is not in the cloud but rather resides on your hosted server for security purposes.

    As to your Last important issue: I will be glad to answer your questions. The ENTERit NOW can assist in passing info between the two apps. 225 333-9974

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