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Thread: get quality content at a slashed rate

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    get quality content at a slashed rate

    The title of this speaks very much about my thread I am back on forum and looking for some more long term writing projects. I have good deal of time to kill these days so why to waste it while it can be used in a productive way. I am also in desperate need to cash because I am the bread earner of my family and have to put foods on the table for my two little fellas. I am very fluent in English that enables me to compose flawless articles on any given niche. Having good experience and power of internet I can blow a whole new life to any rough content as well as able to compose fresh and unique content ( this is what I have been doing for for years).

    I am also an expert Ezine author and submit clients' articles into this directory on demand. However, if any client demands to get his separate account created and managed I do provide a helping hand and keep his account updated with new and fresh content by linking every article to his website.

    My rates are very reasonable and affordable, i charge only $0.01 per word which is commensurate. Bulk orders are also accepted and delivered within given time frame.
    I can push out 2500 to 5000 words per day meaning that I may deliver 5-10 articles/500 words every day.

    Contact; sanak2002
    I hope I will be considered for regular writing projects.

    Looking forward to having great deals.
    To each other success,

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