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Thread: New Google Bombing Method Found

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    Re: ethics

    Hello everyone, this would make my very first post on webpro although im lurking for quite some time.

    Ive read this whole thread, but i still dont get how thing like this can help? Maybe it would help with competitive keywords if you put the links like on many different websites which google considers important and counts them into your number of pages that links to your sites?

    And another thing interests me, how long does it takes to have some changes, with PR or search position? Googlebot now spiders my site every day, but even after four months of active SEO, PR stayed unchanged (4).

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    Does this actually have a significant effect over regular anchored links?

    Kyuzo Creations

    Kyuzo Creations

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    I wonder if combining this with the use of anchor text would make a difference, for example, instead of linking like this

    You use anchor text like this


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    It seems that you may use this technique on any link from your site(s). Use it for any external links that have a high page rank. I'm not positive on that note, but I do know:

    Use to find site's pagerank easily.

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    regarding tech.

    I like I could not figure out how to do it at first. Then I tried to put my web site
    All I did was ad the last part/?vehicles-for-sale-in like this and it worked it pulled up my home page.
    That is what this will do is pull up your home page.
    Now I will see what it does for my site. Which I have some specific keywords to use. That have millions of web pages to them.

    I will see where it gets this page to know.

    thanks for the tip.
    I think it can work wonders we will see.

    Allen McCormick
    View Over 400 Vehicles for Sale in your Area and List a Vehicle for sale for Free.

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    Interesting, so you can actually double the keywords with this

    no deposit poker

    giving a text link, with a link in the links as well.

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    no deposit casino

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    people, you seem miss the subject:
    you acheive nothing with all these links
    what this bombing technique can is improve position of popular site (i mean pr 8+) on not widely used phrases it is not optimized for.

    my opinion on using this technique:
    sure links with relevant anchor text and search phrases like might do better to your site then simple classic link with key phrase in anchor - i doubt it though. this is quite safe - google will not hold you responcible for things not on your site. and this works or now.

    so placing one such link - nothing happens. run a link campaign with such links - might work out.

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    This topic is old, has run its course and is going nowhere. Sorry, all - its time to lock it.

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