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Thread: Facebook Advertising

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    We tried it in order to add more fans to our business fan page at facebook... Long story short, it's expensive and totally worth it. Perhaps, if you have a really good idea and a viral marketing plan behind it so the masses could carry your message out, then you should go for it.

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    I was wondering what other peoples experiences are with Facebook Advertising. Does it work as long as you can narrow down the demographic of your target audience? Or is it best only used for certain types of target audience such as local businesses or those targeting specific age groups especially the younger end?

    I have been asked to look into the effectiveness of it for someone selling high end luxury holiday rentals.
    Bad one. Very expensive and they said they send visitors to my site ... but analytics did not see anything ( saw something like: from 50 declared by Facebook that were send only 1 was seen by analytics )
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    My experience is not good regarding to FB advertising. I know people are quite satisfied and are getting targeted audience. But when I used FB ads, it wasn't efficient for my campaign

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